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What if you could do anything you wanted and could throw out the fashion rules on how you buy your clothes? That question was the genesis for the creation of Jackets NYC by Jane Wilson Marquis

Customized Ready to Wear

Jackets NYC by Jane Wilson-Marquis

Men through the experience of “The Tailor” have always been able to pick a style and a fabric and have an article of clothing that could be uniquely their own. Women have been less fortunate, unless of course they have had the “Couture” experience as offered in our Jane Wilson-Marquis Couture division which provides the ultimate in customization.

Enter Jackets by Jane Wilson-Marquis, offering what we are calling the “semi couture experience”.  A Ready to Wear, (RTW) line with a twist.  Yes, of course you can buy what you see, exactly what the RTW term infers, but if you would like to enter the world of customized options enter the world of “Jackets NYC”.  For example on choosing a silhouette you like you can then make further choices in fabric, details and even rethink the color of the lining.  If this appeals to your creative side we promise to make the process seamless and provide you with the necessary guidance in making the decision that is right for you.

This RTW line draws from the basic elements the couture division is known for, namely beautiful fabrics, attention to detail and timeless design.  We area women-centric company and so are invested in providing a range of sizes that fit real women.  It is our attempt at crossing the age divide, something we feel present fashion lacks.

The Line also includes various pieces that we consider wardrobe staples. Basic sheath dress’s, skirts and simple bias cut tops that stand alone but also co-ordinate with our jackets. Whether you are attending a relaxed late morning brunch in the country, a business meeting or an evening event that requires the ultimate in urbane chic we hope you will choose Jackets NYC. Our intention is to provide “wardrobe versatility” and so we designed this line to be right for any occasion that may come your way.

We believe that if you choose our customized options you make it “your own”.  We promise it will be an experience that will be fun, rewarding and personal.

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