Every woman wants her wedding day to be exceptional and, of course, she wants to look fabulous! Enter Simply JaneTM, a new concept in bridal silk. Now, designer Jane Wilson-Marquis has made it possible for you to make truly creative choices about the way you look on your most important day.

The concept is simple: There are many basic gowns, or "blank canvases," with which you can create your own personal statement. Choose the style that best suits your body shape-and if you don't see yourself in white, choose from a range over over 90 different colors.

If you want to keep it minimal then the classic blank canvas is for you. But if you want to make more of a personal statement, choose one of thse basic styles as the starting point for an almost infinite series of variations. Select from an array of Simply Jane TMembellishments and accessories, then combine them in any way you choose. Embellish with lace flowers, ruffles, beading gathered chiffon. Accessorize with veils, belts, headpieces, shawls, jackets and coats. The end result is a fabulous wedding gown for a modest sum. But, more than that, it is an ARTISTIC COLLABORATION BETWEEN THE BRIDE AND THE DESIGNER, Jane Wilson-Marquis. Please call for pricing.